Marley Freshmen


This is your legacy Founder, Marley Freshmen.

Status: Deceased.

Children: Scarlett Freshmen-Sekemoto, Stacey Freshmen, Finn Freshmen, Eli Freshmen.

Traits: Mooch, Kleptomaniac, Frugal, Workaholic, Bookworm

Lifetime Wish: Star New Anchor (Fulfilled, +1 point)

Most Noticeable For: Stealing cars, chairs, and lamps from all his neighbors. Being that weird guy who likes to rummage through garbage cans because he thinks another mans trash will be his treasure.  Also being that really snooty guy who you see riding around on a segway hoverboard — secretly hoping they tank it.

Biggest Accomplishments:  Going from rags to riches and starting his own Legacy!  Mastering the Writing skill.

Astrological Sign: Pisces

Favorites: Indie Music, Hamburgers, and Sea Foam



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