Ayesha Freshmen


This is your legacy co-Founder, as known as the Mate, Ayesha Freshmen.

Status: Deceased.

Children: Scarlett Freshmen-Sekemoto, Stacey Freshmen, Finn Freshmen, Eli Freshmen.

Traits: Brave, Genius, Athletic, Artistic, Frugal

Lifetime Wish: Perfect Mind, Perfect Body (Unfulfilled)

Biggest Accomplishment: Marrying Marley.

Astrological Sign: Cancer

Favorites: Indie Music, Ratatouille, Grey.



One response to “Ayesha Freshmen

  1. Ah, Ayesha. So pretty, even despite that hooked nose. ^_^ I might try a legacy n Sunset Valley at some point. If so, I’ll definitely try to get her as the Mate. So pretty! 😀


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