Generation 3.2: The College Years, an Interlude


Carson’s first semester of college was over and he packed up to head back home.


“Hey Carson.” Carson was greeted when he arrived back home by a full-grown Hector.

“Hey bro, man you’ve grown! How old are you now.”

“18! Just graduated and guess what?”

“…whaat?” Carson asked hesitantly.

“I’m joining you at University in January!”

Carson wasn’t exactly excited about the news. University was meant to be his place away from his family, but he and Hector had been getting closer before he left.

Carson and Hector had recently bonded over music. While it was Carson’s dream to be a One Sim Band, Hector had taken to the drums.


They decided to form an official band.

“What should we call it?”  Hector asked.

“Um…how about FRESH.”

“Heh, that’s great.”

With all the recent birthdays the Freshmen Family was in need of an updated Family photo.


The Freshmen Family looks so perfect….well almost perfect.


Better. That god awful spiky hair is gone and Finn looks a little bit more age appropriate.


As the Christmas holiday came and went, January soon approached. Carson and Hector backed the truck back up and headed back to University.


And Hector was ready to rock college.



One response to “Generation 3.2: The College Years, an Interlude

  1. Ah, gotta share the dorms with siblings now! Are both boys going for the Arts degree?

    And that family photo is adorable! ❤ Just curious, but what poses did you use for that image?


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