Generation 3.1: The College Years Part 1


Ah, college. The studying, the exams, the knowledge!


The chance to learn where you want the world to bring you! Oh, the opportunities.


And the potential mates. Carson took this opportunity to get to know some of the age-appropriate single ladies that he will be spending the next few semesters with. Carson quickly eyed two possible contenders:  Trixie and Regina.


There was an instant attraction to Regina. Carson and Regina both were drawn to each other on the very first day.


And Carson wasn’t afraid to let his affection be known.


But as the sun set on their first day, he noticed that there was something…a bit off about her.


Nevertheless, Carson was willing to look past the odd gleam she got in her eyes because there was a strong attraction between the two.

But, this is college. And what’s college without experimentation, bad decisions, and drama.


Carson had also taken a liking to Trixie. She was quite the opposite of Regina. Whereas Regina was naturally beautiful, Trixie took enjoyment in dolling herself up. Whereas Regina was an intellectual, Trixie was a jock. But like I said, college was a time of experimentation, and how would Carson know who is better suited to him without trying.


So time passed and Carson played the field a bit.


But one morning, the choice was made for him. As he started downstairs for breakfast, he noticed Regina acting odd. Acting barbaric even. Acting like an animal.


And although there was more attraction to Regina than Trixie, Carson thought of the responsibilities he had to his family and their legacy, and quite frankly, bringing a werewolf into the gene pool wasn’t what he wanted.


So Trixie it was. Rather shamelessly.


Beyond finding a potential mate, Carson wanted to use his time at University to hone his skills at music. His dreams of being a One Sim Band were still a far way off. So he often serenaded his roommates.


And to scrounge up a bit more money he serenade an empty campus.


And even broke out the bass to serenade an ex-lover from time-to-time.


Before Carson realized the semester was over. He didn’t do great in his classes, but hey C’s get decrees. He left his first semester with a potential mate, experiences, and some new jams.

But for now, it was back home.



One response to “Generation 3.1: The College Years Part 1

  1. Ah, both girls are lovely! I personally can’t wait to bring werewolf genes into my legacy, though. The toddlers are the cutest evah!

    And hey, Carson passed! And that’s what matters! 😀


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