Generation 2.12: Bad Hair Days


With the passing of Ayesha, Finn really was on his own as the patriarch of the family. The burdens of securing an everlasting legacy now rests squarely on his shoulders.


And the first thing that involves is changing that god awful haircut.


Much better.

Old age was starting to bore Bella, who quit her job years ago when she married Finn. She decided to put the nursery which was no longer being used to good use and started an in-home daycare.


Her and Saul worked together to bring some extra revenue into the bank account. But not everything was working out well…


First of all, ghosts really love the rocking chair. It wasn’t exactly good for her business to have the nursery plagued by the deceased.


Bella quickly remembered that she didn’t like children (cough cough, I don’t like having to take care of them…). So things went downhill fast. Bella had to work much harder than she originally thought.

Meanwhile, our scaredy-cat heir was stepping out of his bunny slippers and into a more comfortable role.


He’s taken very well to music.


Having a desire to play the bass, he’s quickly developed the LTW of One Man Band.


His desire to get started on that LTW right away led him out on the town, even though it was past his bedtime, to play to an empty club. But he forgot that he lived in a police state a town that takes its curfews very seriously.


And before he knew it, the police were after him.


And whisking him on home to his eternal embarrassment. Luckily Finn and Bella, being the bad parents that they are, were already in bed and never noticed. What are the teenage years for if not being brought home by the police at 3am, anyway? It’s like a right of passage for our Generation 3 heir.

As time passed it was birthday season once more. Another multiple-birthday party was underway.


And Bella made sure to invite the whole family.


Scarlett and Stacey both have passed into their “more elegant phases” and now Finn is also approaching that time.


Both Finn and Carson, Generations 2 and 3, are having a birthday!


Well at least the emo hair fits with the One Man Band LTW


And finally, our Second Generation Heir turns into the final stretch of his life.


NO! THE HAIR! WHY THE SPIKY HAIR! WHY DID IT COME BACK?!? Ugh, Well I’ll need to fix that again.

After leaving the party, Carson started back inside, but noticed a package that had been left outside the front door.


Ah, yes. The Sim University Recruitment Package. Being the artistic type that he is, Carson thought that the “college experience” would be the perfect opportunity to get away from the oppressive yolk of his father (ugh!) and really hone his skills at music.


So he took the placement exam,


And packed his bags!


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