Generation 2.11: An Eternal Reunion

It took Ayesha a while to finally cope with the death of Marley, but after she finally got to see him one last time and fill him in on what has happened with their legacy since his death, she recognized that death is a part of any legacy. Those who start it must pass on to make room for posterity.


And that realization came just in time for Ayesha, as the Grim Reaper had returned. And this time for her.


“Ugh, can’t I just finish my meal. I’m starving to death!”

“Fine, meet me out in the garden when you’re done.”


So Ayesha finished her final meal and made her way to the garden to greet Death.


Elevators. The Grim Reaper’s greatest enemy.


“Which way is that darned garden?!?”


Finally, the two met and surrounded by the beauty of life Ayesha passed from this world.


She and Marley were reunited at last for all eternity.



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