Generation 2.10 – Is This Madness?


Maybe because of the shock from Marley’s death, or maybe she was just lonely being without a companion for so long, but Ayesha found joy in Mortimer’s companionship. After surprising him with that kiss, Mortimer relaxed a bit and he and Ayesha got cozy.


But Ayesha wasn’t getting along so well with everyone in her life. After spotting someone lurking near their front door Ayesha went out to confront the woman. Things escalated quickly and Ayesha and the woman got into quite a public shouting matching.


Her behavior grew more erratic…


And her relationship with Mortimer proved to be more than just a a quick kiss and a snuggle under the stars.


She quickly made their relationship public. (Why hasn’t Mortimer changed from his Halloween costume? That was days ago…)

But one night as she was on her way for a stroll through the garden, she saw a familiar face, or at least she saw through a familiar face.


Ayesha quickly realized that her behavior over the past few weeks was unacceptable. And really she just missed her husband. She and Marley set out on this adventure to start a family and a legacy together and now it was her burden to carry alone.


She quickly caught Marley up to date on the family and all the things that had happened since he died: screenshot-721screenshot-722screenshot-724

Like their grandson Hector growing into a strapping young boy.


And Bella and Finn being adorably still in love.


And about how Scarlett brings over Maryann and Nathaniel on a daily basis now to see their grandmother.


And how young Eli married and adopted a son, their fourth grandson.


And how their legacy looked more secure than ever after Carson reached his teenage years.

This was what Ayesha missed. Sharing the stories of their family with the man who made it all possible. And after she realized Marley wasn’t truly gone, not forever, she returned to her usual self.

And all was right with the world.



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