Generation 2.9 – The Reaper Has Strange Customs


Death hasn’t had its fill with the Freshmen family just yet. With the family still mourning the loss of their patriarch, Marley, the Grim Reaper decided to pay another visit.


He came back to seize his second victim.


Poor little Sadie. She decided to accompany her master to the grave, to play pass with him in the afterlife.


And the Grim Reaper also brought Eli back from school. No longer the little toddler, Eli has graduated from his private school and sought to begin his own life. But he now represents to Finn nothing more than an unnecessary spare. screenshot-573screenshot-648

Soon after Eli’s return, Finn thought it would be a good idea to throw a Halloween party. A dark cloud still stood over the family since Marley’s death and Finn thought that a little levity might be exactly what they needed.


Both the Freshmen and the Bachelor family was invited, and even old enemies decided to crash the party.


Finn was reminded that Jocasta Bachelor, Bella’s mother, had once hit on him even after he was with her daughter. It seemed like her affinity for him hadn’t quite disappeared.

It was quite an odd costume she had selected, Finn thought. A fairy magician?


But it was Eli who sought her out. He noticed the glimmer of her wings and knew that was no costume. There was nothing here for him, Finn had his own children and the Freshmen line was safe. He was unnecessary, redundant. He thought he could make his existence a bit more…interesting. screenshot-672screenshot-673

When the party starting winding down, Ayesha noticed an uninvited Cow Plant standing across the street, listlessly staring over at their household.


As she got close, she realized that it was, of course, Mortimer Goth. Bella’s depressing stalker must have heard about the party but couldn’t bring himself to crash it like Nick Alto. Ayesha went over to confront Mortimer and tell him to leave her family alone. But, the Grim Reaper has a way of getting into the hearts of men and women alike.




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