Generation 2.8 – The Flow of Time

The flow of time is always cruel. Its speed seems different for each person, but no one can change it….

A thing that doesn’t change with time is the memory of younger days.



Having a full house again with two youngsters warmed Marley and Ayesha’s hearts. They were remembered of their own children being young, and when lifeĀ seemed like it would be so long. Most of their days now were passed caring for their grandchildren as Bella and Finn worked to provide for all of them and the future of the Freshmen family.


“Look at this beaut!” Finn was accustomed to saying whenever they entertained. The Freshmen house may still be modest, but this garden! It was Finn’s pride and joy! And he WOULD fulfill his LTW. One day.



“Mah-mah. Mah-mah. Say mah-mah!”


“Yes, Papa. Say mah-mah! Mah-mah!”

It was useless. The grandchildren were more attached to their grandparents than to Bella and Finn.


And, of course, being so close in age, they quickly became very attached to one another.

Happiness was flooding through the Freshmen home. Generations 1 and 2 marveled at what they had created, and how Generation 3 seemed to be starting along nicely.


And the passage of time led to more birthdays. In fact, three of them! On the same day!

“Yes, I’d like three birthday cakes please!”

“Sure, that’ll be 45 Sims.”

“Bella, Finn, Carson! We’re ready for you!

…where are you?!”

screenshot-638 screenshot-640

“I’m coming, Ayesha! I’m just running a little bit behind.”

“Oh, no! I’m celebrating! I can’t stop it! It’s happening! I can’t stop it….”


Oh, I’m like the crypt keeper!


“Now it’s my turn!” Finn said.


“Oh, yeah! Things are about to change! You’ll see! This is great!”


“Here it comes!”


…Finn is now a real adult but looks exactly the same as before. Some people have all the good genes.

“Now it ‘s my turn!” Carson squeaked.

As the family looked on eagerly some yellow glow caught their eyes and they turned towards Marley.

screenshot-610 screenshot-612

“Marley, are you okay?” Ayesha questioned.

“Woohoo!” Carson yelled without realizing the family’s attention had shifted away from his important moment.


“No!” Ayesha screamed.



As the family wept around him, seeing their patriarch slipping from life before their eyes, Marley met death like an old friend. He had fulfilled his goals. The Freshmen name was safe and he had lived to see his children successful and even to see his grandchildren become great little boys. He was ready to pass from this life knowing what he started would continue on.

And thus, Marley Freshmen. Our Family’s Founder passed from the world of living. Surrounded by family in the midst of a celebration of life, just as he always wanted.









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