A Housing Update

You may have noticed that in the last few posts the Freshmen family has been living in some new, much nicer houses.  For a reminder, Generations 1 and 2 mainly lived in this: Screenshot-78

A really basic “starter” home that was just as big and elaborate as it needed to be.

I soon developed a much more attractive home for my family and gave them a quaint little house.


But then I decided to really go big. I was never the best at building houses in the Sims, but I watched a lot of tutorials and decided to give this modern, sexy mansion a go (It was inspired by this home from Dwell). I’m really happy with how it came out and think it’s a perfectly unique home for the Freshmen family.


This house has many rooms that I am still not using, but that just means there is lot of room for the Freshmen family to expand. This is one of my favorite rooms though:



2 responses to “A Housing Update

  1. Awesome house! And that dining room is especially lovely! Though I could be biased, as I’m a sucker for modern houses. XD

    I love the differences between each of your updates! There’s always the basic house first, then by the time gen 2 takes over you’ve got a bit more money to play with and really build something that fits the family style. But that new house! EPIC!

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