Generation 2.7 – Let’s Gather Round the Cake!

*ring ring ring ring*



“Oh, hey Sam is Scarlett around?”

“Actually, no.  Didn’t you hear?”



Screenshot (32)

“Oh, wait.  I just got the message!  Well congratulations!  I didn’t even know she was pregnant again!  I was actually calling to invite her to Carson’s birthday party! I can’t believe he’s already going to be a little toddler! I understand if you can’t make it, but give her my best!”

Little Carson, our Generation 3 heir is having a birthday party and inviting friends and family to celebrate! Come one, come all! And please bring a side dish!


Oh thanks sis…goopy carbonara is *totally* a meal fit for a babies birthday party.

As Finn was greeting the guests as the door, suddenly he felt that prickle-on-your-neck-I-know-someone-is-watching me tingle and turned around. Screenshot-427

“Oh, hi Mortimer!  I didn’t know you were coming.  Did Bella invite you?”


“…oh.  Well I’m glad you could make it.  Feel free to make yourself comfortable.”



Mortimer proceeded into the living room and whipped out his guitar.  Finn actually was relieved at first because he thought the party could use some musical entertainment.  But when Mortimer started strumming a song he called “Bell of my Life,” something told Finn that this wasn’t the type of music he wanted for his guests.  Poor Mortimer, such a sad, strange little man.

Finn decided to move the party outside to avoid the sounds of Mortimer’s wailing choruses.  And Grandma Ayesha brought Carson to the cake while his adoring friends and family watched on. Screenshot-435Screenshot-451

Ah, Generation 3! It seems like you’ve finally lost Grandpa Marley’s crossed eyes.  Hallelujah!

But after the cake, something was wrong.  Bella didn’t feel like her usual self and was going to take a bath to see if relaxing in the tub would help.  But then suddenly, panic!


She knew these feelings.  She remembered them all too well.  It wasn’t that long ago that she felt them before.  Finn, unaware of Bella’s new little problem, continued entertaining their guests as Bella took care of the situation on her own.  And when she returned…


“Oh, honey.  Apparently I was pregnant.  Meet your new son, Hector.”


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