Generation 2 – Let’s Get Reacquainted

Woo, it’s been a long time since we last checked in with the Freshmen family.  In case you’ve forgotten (I know that I have) when we last left off Generation 3 was welcomed into the world while Marley and Ayesha celebrated their wedding anniversary.  Check out the family tree to get reacquainted, and as always the previous posts are on the landing page. Let’s catch up quickly with the family:

Finn’s desire to have a fantastic garden has expanded and he now has his own greenhouse in the back yard, so that he can grow his crops year round.



Marley finally got promoted to the top of the Journalism career track and is living large as the most coveted journalist in a generation.


Bella is hard at work at home taking care of Generation 3’s Heir Carson, and she has yet to lose that baby bump…curious.


And Ayesha still is painting masterpieces at home an bringing in a significant amount of Simoleons!


Over 25,000 to be exact!

Screenshot (230).png

Now after that refresher, let’s get back into the story.  Be on the look out for Generation 2.7!



One response to “Generation 2 – Let’s Get Reacquainted

  1. Woo! More Freshmen!

    I understand the need for the refresher. I’ve been catching up with my own legacy recently. It’s amazing how much can slip from your mind. 😉

    By the way, welcome back! ^_^


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