An Update

Hey there!

So if anyone follows this blog, they’ll have noticed it has been a long time since my last post.  Not only have things been getting busy as my Master’s degree winds down, but I also made a bit of a mistake with my family.  I backed up my files onto a hard drive (trying to free up space on my little tiny tablet that I play on) and now I can’t access my save files from the hard drive.  I could move the files back onto my computer, but I no longer have enough space.  So I need to do a little finagling with my programs and such.

Hopefully the Freshmen Family will be back soon.  Do you miss them?


One response to “An Update

  1. Of course I do! T_T The Freshmen patriarchy is a hilarious read with lovely characters! I was really looking forward to seeing more of Bella & Finn’s son! Hoping for a spare as well. 😉

    I hope you get things worked out and that your Masters’ finishes smoothly! Here’s to seeing the Freshmens again! Cheers! ^_^


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