Generation 2.6 – Old Hearts


This Carson Freshmen, the third generation heir of the Freshmen family.  Born to Finn Freshmen and Bella Bachelor.

Unlike with him and his sisters, Finn and Bella were able to produce a male heir on their first try.  Finn had done his duty to the family and Marley can now eternally rest easy knowing his name will live on.


For with life, comes death.


No, no, no…not Marley.  Isn’t it scary to watch old people sleep? I mean, you have to watch their bellies to make sure they’re still breathing and haven’t kicked the bucket.  No, Marley is simply napping in the nursery.  But the Grim Reaper did in fact make a visit to the Freshmen Manor.


Our beloved Unnamed Babour’s Map Turtle, who was only added to the family a few short months ago, was taken to the big aquarium in the sky.  The whole family was hit hard by the loss.  Whenever I would lose track of a family member, I could trust that they’d be standing in front of the empty aquarium weeping over their amphibious friend.


Rest easy, Unnamed Barbour’s Map Turtle.  Your memory shall live on.

But time heals all wounds.  And in the place of our beloved pet, there was a new grandchild for Marley and Ayesha to coddle and love.


Carson was deeply loved and cherished by both of his grandparents.  Marley and Ayesha would both practically fight over the rocking chair, hoping they could rock their newborn grandson to sleep.

And as life for the Freshmen Family started to get back to normal, an important date began to creep up:  Marley and Ayesha’s anniversary.  To honor the special union of our Legacy’s Founder and Mate, Finn thought throwing an anniversary party for his parents would be the perfect way to honor his parents.

The whole town was invited!  This was going to be an anniversary party to remember!


Finn splurged and ordered some party surprises!  A bar, fire-pit, grill, and hookah bar were all thrown out onto the lawn in a completely unorganized fashion to give the party some life!

However, there was one guest that Bella was surprised to see…and not in a good way.


Moritmer Goth.  Or, as previously referred to as, Sad Eyes who sat in the distance and watched as Bella Bachelor married Finn Freshmen.  Unbeknownst to Finn, Mortimer and Bella had a…tumultuous past.  When she saw him sitting at kitchen table, with her new family and friends.  She wasn’t happy.

But the man and woman of the hour were.  And although having a party, and friends and family around to celebrate was a great way to spend the day.  They wanted to spend the night together.  Just the two of them.  Remembering old times and what it was that made them fall in love.

And so, they danced. Screenshot-388

Under the stars and all night long, Marley and Ayesha danced.  And they were (still) in love.


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