Generation 2.5 – Life Goals


“I just want to thank you all for everything, this has been a dream come true!”

When we last left off Bella and Finn had exchanged their vows and started their own leg on the legacy journey.

Let’s get to know Bella.


Traits: Brave, Socially Awkward, Good, Hot-Headed, and Lucky.  A Virgo, her LTW is to be the Perfect Student (Earn a University Degree with a Perfect GPA).  Her favorite music is French, food is Ratatouille, and color is Red (of course…).   She’s 11 days away from being an Elder.

Bella, who is much older than we initially thought, was very excited finally to be married and out of her mother’s house.  Her joy at moving into the Freshmen household was apparent all throughout the wedding and the reception.

But, at her age, you just can’t hold your champagne like you used to.  And Bella spent most of her wedding night with her face in the toilet bowl.


“I’m far too old for th–blergggggh”

But, regardless of spending all night in the bathroom with his new bride, Finn truly loves Bella.  As she walked back to bed in the afternoon, starting to feel a little better after being sick all morning, her marveled at her beauty.


Meanwhile, Marley is still laboring away trying to max out his LTW.


Although well past retirement age, he is as motivated with his Journalism job as ever.  Ayesha may have the luxury to work from home, but Marely gets up every morning, at the crack of dawn and gets to work on his laptop before heading to the office, still looking for his next big promotion.


Finn’s little pity garden is starting to sprout along with his attempts at fulfilling his own LTW.   It’s an unorganized mess of a garden though, and is far from his dream garden, but it’s a start!

That night, after feeling better for much of the day.  While Finn snoozed and dreamed of Sadie, Bella awoke to quite the surprise.


She was pregnant!  Generation three was on its way.  Bella couldn’t be more excited to share the news with her husband, but first there was something she needed to do.

Screenshot (26)

Her days of slicing vegetables were over! Bella opted for to be a stay-at-home mother, and provide the loving environment her children would need.

She decided to make a celebratory breakfast for Finn.  She would bring it up to him in bed and tell him the good news.


Unfortunately, she forgot that she has absolutely no cooking skills and set the entire kitchen on fire.  This stay-at-home Mom stuff may be harder than it looks…


It would be hard, but as she sat in the nursery thinking of the life she was about to build with Finn she realized it would be worth it.  She could work on her cooking skills, that was nothing to worry about now.


Finn’s family was so excited to be welcoming a new baby into the household, but no one was more excited than Ayesha.  Or Grammy Sha, as she said she wanted to be called.  She beamed as she remembered the days when she felt her  own children kicking in her belly.

While out for a rainy stroll one day months later, Bella began to feel the pains of labor and made Finn rush her to the hospital.  It was time.


Say hello everyone to the newest Freshmen, Carson Freshmen!


They’ll get the hang of this parenting thing eventually…


I hope.

Be sure to check out the update Family Tree and Family Member Pages!


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