Bonus Post: Generation 2 House Update

The Freshmen House has come a long way since Marley first set out to found his Legacy.  When he first moved in, after buying the land, he only was left with $1,300 and this was all he could afford.


Just the bare necessities, sleeping under the stars.   In the shadow of his neighbor’s mansions Marley lived just one step above homeless.

But after marrying Ayesha and moving up in his career he was able to build four walls and put a roof over their heads.


And this was the little starter house that Marley and Ayesha would fill with love and make a home for their children.

With four children, however, this little one bedroom wouldn’t be big enough.  So the space grew.


And the little one bedroom turned into a three bedroom.  It was still a tight squeeze for the Freshmen family, but they made it work.  Most of the time. Screenshot-104Screenshot-105Screenshot-106

Marley worked diligently towards obtaining his LTW of being a writer, but to do that he needed his own space.  So the first “modern” building of the Freshmen house was put in place: the office.  A room which only Marley had the key to.  He worked laboriously at the computer and slumbered on his couch trying to meet his personal goals.

But now, once again the house is not big enough.  Now that Finn Freshmen has welcomed his bride into the family, it doesn’t seem right that he and Eli share bunk beds anymore.  And with a flood of cash from a long lost relative’s will, finally there is some spendable income for the Freshmen family.  Say hello to the new Freshmen Manor.



A fully stocked and furnished kitchen space will be plentiful for welcoming Generation 2.


Marley’s office gets a face lift and looks befit a corporation CEO.


Ayesha can paint in peace in the (rather empty) craft room.


And upstairs there is plenty of room for the family to grow.


Including a nursery, in which Finn waits patiently for his heir.



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