Generation 2.3 – A Garden Belle

When we last left off, Finn Freshmen, our generation 2 heir, had given up on his chances of finding love and thrown himself into his garden and his work.  But just when he thought the Legacy would end with him, a new woman walked into his life.

Screenshot-234Meet Bella Goth Bachelor.  She works as an Ingredient Tester with Finn and is descended from the infamous Sunset Valley Bachelor family.   In the initial panic of their first meeting Finn didn’t get the opportunity to properly introduce himself, so when they finally got to work he decided to strike up a conversation with the Bachelorette. Screenshot-235“So, are you new here?  I don’t think I’ve ever seen you at work.”

“No, I’m just new.”

“Oh, cool.”

Finn, being the Proper gentleman that he is, isn’t the best conversationalist, but Bella didn’t seem to mind as throughout the workday Finn found that she almost found reasons to have to talk to him.

Finn left work that day feeling as if his chances at love maybe weren’t destroyed forever.  If only he’d asked her if she were single…

Meanwhile, Ayesha was feeling a little cooped up in the house and decided to hit the town.  Unfortunately, being 78 years old there wasn’t much around town that interested her.  So she took up some skills she learned from her husband and decided to go digging for gold.Screenshot-283…in the town’s dumpsters.  What a crazy and wild night out for our 1st Generation Mate!

Meanwhile, Finn has started thinking a lot about Bella.  The next day when she came to pick him up for work he had to ask her,

“So, are you single?”

“Well Bachelor surely isn’t my married name,” she grinned.

After hearing this, Finn decided to surprise Bella with a little present from his garden.  Screenshot-256Screenshot-257

“I grew them myself,” he lied–as he only grew fruits and veggies in the garden.  But nevertheless, she loved the gift.

Soon after she invited him over to her house and to meet her family.  She said she was a little nervous about having Finn meet her mother, and Finn had to admit that this was a big step for a woman he wasn’t even officially dating yet.  Nevertheless, he went. Screenshot-291Screenshot-292Bella greeted him on the porch with a giant grin and a hug.  But she told him there was something he had to know first.  Something seemed to be bothering her.

“There’s something I need to tell you,” she said apprehensively.  “Something about my mother…”


“She’s a fairy.”

“A what?”

“A fairy. Like a wooded tree creature that likes to pull pranks and is really great at growing plants.”

“Excellent!” Finn loved it, as growing plants was his LTW.  He was fascinated, but the wings wouldn’t look good on him.  So he decided to stick to the old fashion way of growing things.  For now.

After the initial apprehension of meeting her mother was out of the way, Bella and Finn settled in for a tour and a low-key date at home.


A date which had a marvelous ending.


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