Generation 2.2 – The Birds and the Bees

Oh my! Two posts in two days!

When we last left off Finn had a disastrous date with a married woman and went to drink his sorrows at a local club.  When he woke up the next morning he began to think of his love troubles in a new light: it would motivate him to meet his lifetime and career goals.  So, with snow on the ground still Finn went to work starting a garden.


It’s small and modest, with only a few plants, but every wonderful garden starts this way.  Playing in the dirt, experiencing the thrills of nature, and getting to use his green thumb, Finn began to feel much better.

Meanwhile, Marley decided to take a nighttime stroll around the neighborhood.  While out, he noticed his troublesome and irksome neighbor Nick Alto, who was out enjoying the moonlight (for some odd reason).


Nick approached Marley with a strange look in his eyes, almost ravenous.  Marley didn’t know what to do, but luckily he just picked up Nick’s newspaper for the beginnings of a hilarious prank and smacked Nick right on the nose! Never one to pass up an opportunity, Marley decided to keep hitting Nick…


Until he cowered in fear and begged for mercy.  Marley left with a grin on his face and continued his neighborhood walk.

Meanwhile, Elder Ayesha continues to paint and began work on her portrait of Finn.  Those years as a baby/painting slave have really begun to pay off, as Ayesha is bringing in quite a significant amount of money by selling her paintings to the local art gallery.



Finn feels slightly intimated and embarrassed to have a giant grainy closeup of his face sitting in the kitchen, but it’s another legacy point!  Woohoo!

And while he still felt dejected by his little misunderstanding from the dating site, Finn couldn’t help but feel the love in the air as spring rolled in to chase away the winter chills.  Finn thought there would be lots of opportunities for love down at the park.Screenshot-212Screenshot-216

He decided to offer his services at the local kissing booth, hoping that once the ladies got a taste of his lips he’d win them over instantly.


Unfortunately, he spent most of his time just blowing kisses into thin air as there was only one person in the park who was visiting the kissing booths.


And that was his father, Marley.  Marley came down with Finn to offer some encouragement but he decided to have a little bit of fun on his own.  Trying out the kissing booths and Screenshot-220

Getting his face painted.  Isn’t he just adorable! I think I want this to be his new default picture on all of his pages! Screenshot-227Screenshot-228

And being the weird klepto/journalist that he is, he couldn’t resist trying to find something of value or some dirt on his neighbors.  Unfortunately, some local kid caught it all on video and quickly uploaded it to SimTube.  It’ll be a while before Marley lives this one down…


After again failing to find love at the park,  Finn got his first real adult job in the Culinary field.  He thought that working in the garden would lend itself nicely to working with fresh ingredients and he could quickly make his way up the food chain in the food business.  Daily he hops on his bike and makes the trek to work.


He’s been working hard and coming home to study recipes and cooking techniques on his off time.  He’s been throwing all of his effort into work and trying not to think about love and the pressures his father and mother place on him to start his own family and carry on the name and legacy.

Screenshot (25)

His hard work paid off as he was quickly promoted to Ingredient Taster, a perfect job for a foodie like him!  Life was going well, he began to think.

One day, however, he overslept and forgot to set his alarm for work.  As he snoozed in bed, his boss sent one of his new coworkers to see what his star Ingredient Taster was two hours late, causing mayhem at the restaurant.


*knock knock knock* “Hello?” *knock, knock, knock* “Hello? Is anyone there?  Finn?  I’m from the restaurant they sent me to see if everything was okay.”  Finn awoke and rushed out of bed when he heard the woman knocking at the door and ran to answer it and assure her that everything was okay, and he would soon be on his way.

“Hi, sorry! I don’t know what happened. I’m on my way, I’ll be there in just a few minutes.  I just have to get my bike.  Sorry, who are you?”


“My name is Bella.  Bella Bachelor.  And I can give you a ride if you’d like.”



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