Generation 2.1 – A Return and Some Lovin’

I’ve been away for so long! I’m sorry, grad school and my personal life got too intense and I didn’t have the time to play or blog, but let’s get back to it!  Check out the updated Family Tree for a refresher on who’s who!

When we last left off so long ago, our Second Generation Heir, Finn Freshmen had reached adulthood and is ready to start his chapter.


Question for my readers: should this be considered Generation 2 chapter 1? Or a continuation of Generation 1, as Marley is still alive?

As far as our other children, Scarlett is married and has had her first child and Stacey has been thrown into the wilderness of the timestream!

Finn doesn’t want to waste any time with starting his own chapters, as just shortly after becoming an adult he took to the interwebz to try to find a hot date.


Finn began chatting with a woman named Trishelle.  He and Trishelle hit it off instantly and Finn quickly got invested in their relationship.  The dating site chats quickly changed to long phone calls.


And soon Finn and Trishelle decided to meet in person.  The date was set: a fun, low-key hang out session at the park during the winter festival.

Upon arriving at the park, this is the first thing Finn sees.  He’s hoping that it is not an omen about the events of the day!


Finn was struck by how gorgeous Trishelle was! He was a bit concerned that those online profile pics were going to be deceiving, but once he met her, he couldn’t take his eyes off of her.


They hit it off, and to show he’s super duper whimsy and chill, Finn decides to make a snow man with Trishelle — although he’s just awkwardly standing there while she does all the work.


Eventually he joins in and they work together building their first snowman and making memories in the snow together.


After finishing their hockey player snowman, they get to talking and knowing each other a bit.  But then…Trishelle said:

“Y’know my husband would never come to the festival.”


“Wha–your husband?!”

“Yeah, I’m married.”

“Why were you on a dating site?!”

“I…dunno.  I was hoping you wouldn’t care.”

Needless to say, he did care.  And that was it for the date.  The relationship he thought he had established, and he thought he would develop with Trishelle was over.

Meanwhile, Eli Freshmen was being shipped off to the School of Love and Peace, because quite frankly our First Gen is too old to raise children and I’m tired of having so many kids around.


So, goodbye little Eli! We’ll see you when you’re an adult and more interesting!


After his disappointing date in the park, Finn decided that it was time to try dating the old fashioned way: clubbin’! After bribing the bouncer to let him into the club, Finn decided to try his luck at finding some ladies!


Unfortunately, the club was empty and not even the bartenders were of child-bearing ages.  Finn sat at the bar with a drink until closing and then decided to go home and call it a night.  He would not find love today.


4 responses to “Generation 2.1 – A Return and Some Lovin’

  1. OMG! You’re back! Awesomesauce! I’m really looking forward to the next chapter! 😉

    Poor Finn! Despite his best efforts, still Mateless. XD

    Happy Holidays and stuffs! ^_^


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