Generation 1.8 – Mansion Hopping

When we last left off, our family had undergone many different changes.  Generation Two has nearly all grown up to Teenagers or older, Scarlett had been sent out to the Timestream and Marley and Ayesha have reached their golden years.

Screenshot-95 - Copy

Finn, our heir, has acquired the traits Ecofriendly and Loves the Outdoors.  Very conveniently they live right across the street for a small fishing park.  Finn has spent much of his teen years there, increasing his fishing skills and enjoying the great outdoors.  So much so that he quickly settled on his LTW:

Screenshot (91)

Nick Alto (Marley’s archenemy) also has decided to come enjoy the great outdoors!  That squishy grass feels great on the bum as he sits there trolling Facebook.

Does Nick look a little…wild to anyone else?

Screenshot-96 - Copy

Meanwhile, Marley got so interesting and unexpected news!

Screenshot (32)

It seems that Scarlett and Sam Sekemoto (although still not married) had a daughter, named Maryann.  Although not technically a part of our Legacy any longer, Maryann represents the first of Generation 3, and is the first grandchild for Marley and Ayesha.  D’awwww!

Meanwhile (stinky) Stacey grew into an adult.

Screenshot-123 - Copy Screenshot-124 - Copy Screenshot-125 - Copy Screenshot-126 - Copy

And quickly got kicked out into the timestream.  Bye Felicia. 


This random picture is brought to you by the fact that I love the connection between Saul and Sadie.  Even if he is giving her a flea bath out in the snow, he does it because he’s such a caregiver.

A few days after receiving the news that he had become a grandfather, Marley decided to go see where Scarlett lives and visit his granddaughter.  And, woah!

Screenshot-117 - Copy

That awkward moment when you kick your daughter out of your house and she moves into a mansion while you’re still living in a not completely finished little bungalow.


Hi there, little lady!


Are you, ummm….special? 

Grandpaaaa, I was riding my bike. 


Look at my wonderful little granddaughter, isn’t she adorable?  She looks just like her mother.  She’s so wonderful.

I know, grandpa.  I’m her. 

After awkwardly meeting his first grandchild while she lived in the lap of luxury, Marley decided to see what he could dig up on some of the neighbors.  Hello Goth Family Mansion!  What dirty laundry do you throw away (you wasteful bastards)?


Oh, and look at this wonderful little firepit, I’m sure Marley would love to have one of those in his backyard.


Why, yes.  Yes I would.


*swipes chair instead* *facepalm*

And finally, back at home, Finn our heir found that his teen years had also come to a close.

Screenshot-149 - Copy

Our Second Generation heir is now a Young Adult and ready to begin his own story.


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