Generation 1.7 Part 2 – Houston, We Have an Heir! And…Maybe a Problem

Sorry it took so long to post part two of this, I was working on a massive rebuild of my Sims home (which you probably won’t see for a while because it is well into the future) but I ran into some bugs saving the game and had to redo a lot of things.  So I haven’t been thinking about posting much, but without further adieu:

When we last left off we not only had an heir finally born, but he quickly sprouted into his teenage years!  Scarlett had a marriage proposal turned down and was fed out into the timestream and Stacey was being an angsty teen.  But what of our founding duo?

Well Marley was having a hard time moving up in his career.  Not enough of his time was spent writing because his family was always fighting to play computer games on the one laptop they had.

How dare my Sims try to play computer games! They have more important things to be doing.  Oh – wait. 

But because we had a fair bit of money between Marley’s job and Ayesha’s painting, the Freshman family came up with a solution.  Suddenly a new room was thrown up, and Marley had an office.


Let’s take a look, shall we?


A nicely decorated home office with the centerpiece being Marley’s home station to write, write, write, write and fill that LTW.  For a while he found the door was locked and no one could get in and he couldn’t get out….muahahahha


Marley spent much of his life there during Finn’s childhood in his office.  But not all of it.  He found time to fulfill his marital duties, which resulted in


an official male spare.  Meet Eli Freshmen, the youngest of the second generation!

But the years kept passing by, and Marley found himself approaching yet another birthday.


(excuse his partial nudity) Ayesha and Stacey cheered him on as Marley, our Patriarch and Founder reached Elder status.


Derp.  Yup.  Crossed-eyes is definitely going to be an unwelcomed family trait.  At least on birthdays it seems.  Ayesha looks positively frightened at what her husband has become.  But she quickly was approaching her Elder years too.


ew..that hair


That’s better.  What a respectable Elder she looks like now.  With big hair and maybe too much makeup. Look at our happy couple!Screenshot-581

D’awwwww.  Old peopel are adorable. Aren’t they adorable?  And finally to get us all up to speed, one day this little lady wandered into our lives and we haven’t been able to separate from her.  Meet Sadie Freshmen.


She’s an elder pup who the Freshmen family decided to love and cherish through the last years of her life.

So, in short:

Screenshot (57)


5 responses to “Generation 1.7 Part 2 – Houston, We Have an Heir! And…Maybe a Problem

  1. “How dare my Sims try to play computer games! They have more important things to be doing. Oh – wait. ” LOL! XD I get that SO often… >.>

    I love how you made Ayesha into a stereotypical grandma with the big curls and too much makeup! XD

    Pro Tip: the Motive Mobile! It’s a lifetime reward costing 45000 (I think >.>). It’s a godsend! While sims are in it, all their needs go to full! 😀 I’ve done this soooo much: use the “go here with…” command, choose everyone, and cancel the action once everyone’s in the car. Then send them back to whatever I need them to be doing! Yup, Motive Mobile.

    I was so excited to see this in my reader today! ^_^ But, sad to hear you’re having troubles with saving and losing gameplay. 😦 It’s too common a problem. Just out of curiosity, did you get an Error Code 12/13 right after trying to save? Or did it crash to desktop? If it was Error Code 12/13, that usually has to do with you playing too much. It sounds ridiculous just writing it! XD But, yeah, it basically means you’ve used up too much memory and the game can’t store it anymore b/c there’s not enough memory to. Either quit and restart the game every few hours (I save every sim-night, just to be safe) or free up your RAM every so often.

    If it was “crash to desktop”, it could be anything. Sims 3 is so fun! But has sooo many bugs. So many ways to break! T_T


    • Actually, what has been happening is that when I go to save it it just sits there on the saving screen for ever. Circling round and round and nothing happens. I’ve even let it go one time for hours and it didn’t save. I have noticed that if I save more often it is more likely to save, so I’ve been trying to do that. Especially during the rebuild of the house. I’d do one major thing. Save. Another major thing. Save.

      I found a mod that is an autosave and you can set it to save every 5, 10 or 15 minutes (i think) and I’m going to install that because I tend to forget to save and then I get really frustrated when it crashes to the desktop (which does happen) or it just doesn’t save.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’ve heard good things about the NRAAS saver mod. Haven’t tried it myself, since my little macbook can’t handle too many package files. T.T

        That used to happen to me a lot a while back. I basically trained myself to save every sim night or before every major event. Prom’s announced? Save. Birthday? Save! Family’s decided to move? SAVE! Most of my game-play consists of saving and taking screenshots. >.> I also back up my game files to a separate folder every now and then.


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