Generation 1.7 Part 1 – Houston, We Have An Heir! And…Maybe a Problem.

Note: This is Part 1 of what will be two parts.  For an explanation, see below.

Last time we left off with an ambiguous photo of young male child in a stroller.  Who is this child?  Is he the Chosen One?  Destined to carry one the Freshmen Legacy?

Alright, maybe it’s not that dramatic (and anyone that looked on the family tree or in the Generation 2 subpages here would already know) but, yes!  Marley and Ayesha finally managed to have the son they so longed for.  Ladies and Gents, meet your Second Generation heir: Finn Freshmen!


Yus! No crossed eyes! Halleloo-er! 

All About Finn:

Finn is a Taurus, who likes Pop music, Porcinni Risotto (big tastes for a toddler), and the color Blue (which he’s not wearing whatsoever, thanks Saul).  He was born with the traits of Loving the Outdoors and being Friendly.

NOTE: I, unfortunately, have some bad news for those of you interested in the childhood of our heir.  I tend to play very far ahead because I enjoy the game.  So Finn’s childhood, along with everything else in the family during that time period has sort of been skipped over because I wasn’t taking adequate pictures.  This is my first time blogging about a legacy, and I wasn’t paying enough attention to the scenes I was documenting.  Hopefully from here on out I’ll do a better job. :/

So, Finn quickly grew from a toddler to a child,


and from a child to a teen,


So Finn, now a teenager, has acquired the Eco-Friendly and Proper traits.  And judging by the Jungle Jack gear he has spawned into, I think we’re going to make him quite the Outdoors-man!

What about the rest of the family, you say?  Well they’ve been through some changes too since our little heir was born or so long (and barely a blog post) ago.  Well both of our girls have grown up quite a bit.

Scarlett is now a full-fledged adult, having graduated high school.


She stuck around the house for a little bit to help make some extra money, but as a wrong-gendered spare it is my intention to feed her (and all future female spares…sorry!) to the Timestream.   But before I had the opportunity to do that, she met a man.  At least I think he’s a man, he reminds me of an alien.


What was that?

Nothing, carry on.

Meet Sam Sekemoto.  And Scarlett wanted to start a family of her own before moving out in the big, wild timestream.


Unfortunately, Farmer Sam turned her down.  So it was out into the timesteam she went, alone.  But still with a very good friend in Sam.  (Since Scarlett has been fed to the timesteam it means I’ll no longer be posting about her life in the main blog, however I still plan to update the family tree and her personal section, which will eventually be expanded into her family section, with her details)

Stacey, our other spare, is reaching her late teenage years, and although still the Loner she is reaching out and trying to Romance da boiz.


Unfortunately, she’s not quite good at it.  Don’t let the picture fool you.  And she always reverts to her loner ways.

And what of Marley and Ayesha?  Well I’ll tell you all about them and continue out story in Part 2 of Chapter 1.7!  Stay tuned!


2 responses to “Generation 1.7 Part 1 – Houston, We Have An Heir! And…Maybe a Problem.

  1. Yay! You updated! And my, 0_0, much has happened!
    No worries about playing ahead without a finger on the camera trigger. XD I do that quite a bit, but then I take WAY too many pictures other times. So, it all evens out in the end! XD


    • And I don’t know what’s up with Sam Sekemoto! 0_o. He’s always bald in my game! And how dare he turn down a legacy spare! 😡 Young Sam obviously doesn’t know what’s good for him!

      I like how you’ve completely ignored the Llama Gift Baskets! XD


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