Generation 1.6: Happy Birthdays to you!

Happy Birthday to you.  Happy Birthday to you.  Happy Birthday dear Marley! Happy Birthday to you!


Love the mullet! 

Marley’s day as a Young Adult have come to an end, and he feels his mortality catching up with him.  In life, he has two goals.  First and foremost, to start his Legacy.  To have a son and carry on the Freshmen name for generations.  But so far he and Ayesha have only been able to produce daughters.  I think his growing fear is beginning to take a heavy toll on his sanity.


Happy Birthday to me! I’m such a failure! Hahahahaaha *sobs* *goes crossed eyed*

In case you forget, when we last left off, our baby factory Ayesha was trying to give truth to the saying “3rd times the charm.”  And while she’s been growing the third child of the Freshmen in her womb, Marley has put her to work.  He knew she already painted a portrait of him, but that wasn’t good enough.  He needed points! POINTS!  So he set her to work painting. And painting. And painting.  And Marley asked her to paint a new portrait of him, because he didn’t the last one was flattering enough.


How’s that, honey?  It looks just like you doesn’t it? 

I think someone has been watching too much Game of Thrones while Marley goes to bed early for work though.  Is that Valyria?

Meanwhile Saul, our trusty RobotSlave! electronic family butler, found a new friend and brought him home to the Freshmen household.  Let’s call him Michelangelo.


Who’s my wittle bittle Mutant Ninja Turtle?!

But wait, are those more horns I hear?  Is that more confetti dropping on the floor (get to work, Saul), it must be another birthday!


No, that’s not Scarlett that’s STACEY!  Our little clumsy, loner has become a child.  And apparently is into some beat-boxing.

OH! and in case you were  wondering, this is Scarlett:


Oh no, are crossed eye a family trait I didn’t know about?!

Oh, how time flies!  It seems like only yesterday our useless heirs were being neglected as babies because I didn’t care what happened to them. *sniff sniff*

But the moment has come! Baby #3! Will it be the long awaited heir? Ayesha is rushed to the hospital with her doting husband at her side.


Really? Do I have to go.  Can’t I just stay home?  I mean, it’s just going to be another disappointment. 

Will it, Marley?  Will it really?



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