Generation 1.5 – Please Be a Boy, Please Be a Boy

Marley and Ayesha and their trusty friend Kangaroo (I think thats actually supposed to be a deer, but no deer I’ve ever seen runs like that) were rushed to the hospital as Ayesha went into labor for the second time.


Marley held his breath as he and Ayesha waited for the baby to be born.   Of course they loved Scarlett as their first child, but Marley really wanted his heir to be born.  Marley wasn’t sure he could stand the wait much longer.  He was becoming desperate enough to switch to Speed 3.

Please be a boy. Please be a boy. Please be a boy. 

Allow me to introduce, the second member of Generation 2 of the Freshmen Family:


Meet Stacey Freshmen.  An obligatory second spare that I will move out as soon as possible so I don’t have to deal with her.  A loving little girl with the Clumsy, and Loner traits.  (Oh boy, she’s gonna be a real treat…)


In his depression over once again procuring an heir to his legacy and thus really fulfilling any purpose he has in life, Marley decided to give his neighbors the Altos a visit to talk to them about their advice with having daughters.

“Why, yes, you see my house is fantastic! So I don’t really care about your problems.  I hear you’re a writer! Have you tried the newest craze recently?  It’s ditching the laptop for good ol’ fashioned quill and ink!  I know a guy who could help you…for a price.” 

Needless to say, Marley ended up desperately hating Nick, and I think we’ve found a new enemy.  Because it’s always fun to have a arch nemesis.  Marley doesn’t feel so bad now about stealing Nick’s car in the last episode.


beep beep, motherf&%(er!

In his desperation for a son, Marley and Ayesha decided to try again.  And while Marley slaved away still trying to get promoted up through the ranks, Ayesha (once again) found that she was pregnant.  They’re quite the fertile couple, it never takes more than once!


Can we just talk for a second about Marley’s uniform.  Remember his good ol’ newspaper boy days?  Look how distinguished he looks now!

Marley Freshmen, Investigative Reporter at your service! 


One response to “Generation 1.5 – Please Be a Boy, Please Be a Boy

  1. “Why, yes, you see my house is fantastic! So I don’t really care about your problems.” Lol! XD Sorry, this is why I didn’t want to try the Pat/Matriarchy optional rules. But I’m enjoying every second of you playing it for me! XD
    Stacey’s such a cute name! ^_^ I personally love the loner and clumsy traits, they both have neat idle interactions sims do every now and then. And it’s kind of endearing when Clumsy sims fuck up important moments…like proposals…>.> The pictures alone are always amazing. Lol!
    Here’s to a boy for the next chapter! Cheers! ^_^


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