Generation 1.4 – Baby Factory

When we last left off there were two new additions to the Freshmen family tree.  A Plumbot named Saul who starts off with the Competent Cleaner, RoboNanny and HandiBot traits.  (Do you see where this is going…)

Say ‘Hi,’ Saul!


And a spare, named Scarlett – an Athletic Virtuoso who is not the correct gender to be the heir.  @#^%&@

Sit there like a newborn, Scarlett!


Needless to say, Marley was starting to get a little bit anxious about having a son.  His biggest purpose in life is to start his legacy.   Marley and Ayesha had a discussion and came to the decision that Ayesha should quit her job in the Criminal Career track to instead be a baby factory stay-at-home mother.  Which she excelled at…

Screenshot-49 Screenshot-48

…at least well enough to not have the child taken away by CPS.  So, Scarlett grew,


and Marley “worked,”


and Ayesha tried once again.


In the meantime, as a source of Legacy Points and some extra income.  She decided to put the paintbrush to the canvas since she really didn’t need to raise a child, cook, or clean — that’s what Saul was for after all.  She quickly discovered she was a natural at it and a portrait of Marley has been hung on the walls of the Freshmen home.


Along with some….early drafts. (+1 Legacy Point)  Until it was time!! With a skip, hop, and jump Marley and Ayesha rushed to the hospital to welcome their second child!


To be continued…


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