Generation 1.3 – This Is Not the Family Addition You Are Looking For

When we last left off Marley and Ayesha had suddenly finally tied the knot!  Being the frugal couple that they were, they quickly just settled into their every day lives at their cute little abode.  (Marley’s stealing has managed to turn a lot more profit than his actual job has).


Marley back at it trying to get promoted up through the ranks of the Journalism career and Ayesha slowly starting out in the criminal career track.  But Marley wanted to surprise Ayesha, he wanted to take her on a honeymoon.

So he began scrounging for money in every way imaginable.


And finally he had just enough money to take Ayesha exactly where he wanted to take her: Into the Future! (hey, i have the expansion pack and really i just want to do something particular, cut me some slack).  When Marley broke the news to Ayesha that he had managed to steal and find enough money to go to the Future, she was less than thrilled.  In fact, she felt down right ill.


So, Marley decided to go to the Future alone.  He wasn’t too heartbroken, though.  Him and Ayesha had hardly spoken since the wedding because they’ve been too busy building up their own respective skills. And besides look at the weight Ayesha has put on since the wedding!  Maybe some time apart would do them some good.


His stay was pretty uneventful, because all I he really wanted to do in the future was one thing.  So he slaved.


And he slaved.


And he napped in-really-cool-beds-that-actually-make-sleeping-in-the-game-an-activity-to-do. Screenshot-40

Until, finally, through lots of hard work.  Lots of blood, sweat, and chrome.  He created exactly what he wanted to create.  A Plumbot.  Ladies and gentlemen say hello to the first member of Generation Z, Saul.


Marley decided to spend the $200 simoleons and lots of time to create the perfect butler who would be around for many generations to come, and also take care of any pesky children that will get in the way of him reaching his LTW.

And upon his arrival home, he discovered that he had brought Saul home just in time.


Meet Scarlett Freshmen.  The first member of Generation Two.   But NOT our heir.  I neglected to mention earlier in the posts that Marley’s Legacy is a Patriarchy, which means that the heir must be a Male Sim.

So, hello, Scarlett! Welcome to the cruel, cruel world where I will just use you for some cash and maybe a few Legacy Points!

Note: Don’t forget to check out the Family Tree to see all the new additions!


2 responses to “Generation 1.3 – This Is Not the Family Addition You Are Looking For

  1. Poor Scarlett! T.T But that’s what spares are for. Cruel, cruel world indeed! I thought about doing a Pat/Matriarchy, but decided on first-borns instead. It’s too hard to get the gender you want without influencing it, and then it just feels too easy. I wanted something simpler for my first legacy.
    Nice chapter! Looking forward to the next, life ‘N stuff allowing. ^_^


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