Generation 1.2 – A Jerk of All Traits?

When we last left off Marley had woo-ed some random his soulmate with some of Marley’s Famous Park Hot Dogs and popped the question!  The world was Marley’s oyster, so while Ayesha planned the wedding Marley decided to spend some of his time, being the moochy bookworm that he is, at the library working towards that Lifetime Wish of becoming a Star News Anchor.


Isn’t he adorable in his paperboy outfit!  It is not at all degrading for a Young Adult to be dressed like a teenager from a Disney movie…

And while by day Marley may be the innocent paper boy just using the free WiFi at his public library, there is also a bit of a sinister side to him.  Remember his traits?  Being broke, and also being a klepto, does strange things to a man.


Oh, hello neighbor.  What a mighty fine telescope you have here.  Nothing to see here, that’s right.  Keep walking into the next room.  But a telescope is small change when it comes to trying to survive in the brutal world of Sunset Valley.  So he set out to explore what other things his neighbors may have left around outside.


And hit the jackpot! Not feeling at all bad that these people were just barely a step above poverty, Marley stole their car and quickly fenced it for a profit.   To me that sounds like a good night’s work.  Time to go home and hit the hay.


Oh, the irony.  No one is safe from the kleptos that roam around Sunset Valley.  But what really disappointed Marley was that this one got a cool uniform.  Is he a part of a union?  Who can I talk to about this?! I’d look wonderful in stripes.

The next day while back at the library, Ayesha came to visit and revealed that she’s a horrid planner (she’s not frugal for nothing — they’ll make a great pair!) and exchanged vows with Marley in front of thousands of witnesses books.


Ladies and gentlemen, Sims and Simbots!  We have a Mate


One response to “Generation 1.2 – A Jerk of All Traits?

  1. “Who can I talk to about this?! I’d look wonderful in stripes.” Bwahahahahaha! I loved that! I surprised my housemate by laughing out loud. I’m having a great time reading this! ^_^


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