Generation 1.1 – A Lovely Beginning

Welcome to the official beginning of the Freshmen Legacy!  Last time we learned a little bit about our Founder, Marley.  Thrown into the timestream with the requirements to buy the most expensive piece of land he can find he was well equipped with the perfect personality to start off small and grow his Legacy.

So, Marley Freshmen is out on his own…except out on his own really just means homeless! With only $1,300 it will be a long while before Marley can afford much more than the simplest of lives.


Welcome to our humble abode!  With $200 left to spare, our new casa fits in perfectly with the neighbors!  With just a grill, a mini-fridge and a cheap motel bed, Marley will have to put his good skills to use and be plenty resourceful!  And that is just what he does!  After his first night sleeping in the shadow of the Alto and Landgraab Manors he decides to go explore town and make the most out of the opportunities around!

Screenshot-8   Screenshot-7

While at the park, Marley decided to meet some of the locals, always with that idea of finding the perfect Mate in mind.  When he found out one was married and the other was a vampire, however, he decided maybe the park wasn’t the best place to meet his future wife and Co-Founder of his legacy.  But then there was Ayesha.


Ayesha and Marley instantly got along, they had compatible signs and she was even confident enough to tell him that they should get to know each other better! So get to know each other better they did…

Screenshot-11   Screenshot-14

As the sun set Ayesha decided to share some of Marley’s Special Park Hotdogs with her new dashing friend, and it didn’t take long for Marley to decided to go in for the kiss.  Right there, in front of the grill where they first shared a meal.  And as they say, the rest was history.



4 responses to “Generation 1.1 – A Lovely Beginning

  1. Woah! Marley moves FAST! Guess gen 2’s not so far off! Or did she turn him down? I’m actually really excited to be reading a legacy that’s just starting out! It’ll be cool to watch you write this over time! ^_^


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