Generation 0.0 – Welcome to the Freshmen Legacy

This is my latest attempt to complete the infamous Legacy Challenge!  I will be playing The Sims 3 with various expansions.  The Legacy Challenge is all about following one particular Sim family through the years from very humble beginnings down through 10 generations.

My family will be called the Freshmen family, and this is your Founder:Screenshot

His name is Marley Freshmen, he is Frugal, a Bookworm, a Kleptomaniac, a Mooch, and also a Workaholic.  These traits should be most beneficial to him as he sets out to found his Legacy.  As the rules demand Marley is living on a 64×64 lot in Sunset Valley which leaves him with just $1,300 Simoleons.  Let’s see how he does!

P.S. I have never blogged about my Legacy Challenge before, and while I am sort of doing this for my own personal record I absolutely want feedback on how I’m doing in-game and with the blogging process.  So please feel free to offer constructive criticism about the way I play the game and the way I blog. (However, please note it is not my intention, right now anyway) to do this as a sort of story-telling blog with lots of embellished text, rather to document the growth, changes, and challenges or my Legacy.)


9 responses to “Generation 0.0 – Welcome to the Freshmen Legacy

  1. Also, just have to say, I love the blog theme you chose. I love white space and wide posts. And, if I may ask, feel free to ignore, what are you studying/researching?


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